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PureTek’s high-intake GENERATOR delivers superior prolificacy and excellent mothering abilities, consistently weaning large, robust litters with an industry-leading return-to-estrus interval.

PureTek’s new Commercial Generator Index (CGI) combines data from thousands of purebred litters with data from more than 50,000 commercial litters annually, greatly increasing the accuracy of lowly heritable maternal traits.

Selected on the CGI for optimal maternal and terminal performance, the PureTek GENERATOR consistently outpaces the competition in...

  • Number Born Alive
  • Litter Birth Weight
  • Consistent Litters
  • Number Weaned
  • Litter Weaning Weight
  • Wean-to-Estrus Interval
  • Large Subsequent Litters
    …while driving genetic progress in terminal traits…
  • Efficient Lean Growth
  • Backfat Depth
  • Loin Eye Area
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Soundness
  • Lower Wean-Finish Mortality
  • Reduced Ruptures
    …for a highly productive maximum-value market hog.


Excels in fertility, longevity, lifetime productivity

Very durable, docile animals

High-health Status, PRRS-naïve APP- and TGE-negative

Strict biosecurity policies with frequent testing

Guaranteed 14 functional nipples on underline

High-intake female

Maximum maternal heterosis