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Pine Creek Gene Transfer CenterFowler, Ind.800-693-0792pinecreek@puretekgenetics.comNormal Collection Days:Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Exceptional quality, fast service, strict biosecurity, excellence in customer service…all at an affordable price.

The experienced staff at each of our gene transfer centers cares for your business as if it were they’re own. In fact, our customers get the same genetic products we use on our own farms.

We all know how important quality and reliability are to the success of a swine breeding operation and we refuse to compromise our commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry.

Open communication and ongoing follow-up are essential to building sustainable, long-term, successful relationships. It’s what matters to our customers and what we expect from ourselves.


The health of your operation matters to us.  Weekly testing is conducted on both blood and oral fluids.

Strict bio-security protocols are followed when introducing new boars to the center, processing and delivering semen, and receiving supply shipments.


Customers can source top-quality PureTek semen through our company-owned center – Pine Creek Gene Transfer Center, Fowler, Ind., or through our carefully selected PureTek affiliate centers. We’ll work with you to determine the center that best serves the needs of your operation.


The Quality Control Program implemented at our AI Centers allows routine monitoring of the product produced and regular monitoring of our production equipment and procedures.

All boars must meet strict guidelines to enter and remain in production. Semen is evaluated for motility, morphology and concentration using the best computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) system on the market.

Samples are retained from each ejaculate and monitored weekly to ensure the quality of the final product. This also builds an historical quality record for each boar so that changes in quality over time can be monitored and proactive corrective actions taken. Our Quality Control Program also dictates that samples are routinely sent to third-party evaluators for additional monitoring.

Boars placed into our AI Centers originate from genetic nucleus farms and not from multipliers. All of our nucleus and multiplication units receive semen from these same centers, providing you direct access to our elite sires.

Fast Delivery

Same-day delivery routes are in place at each center and as well as next day air delivery. Same-day delivery drivers follow strict bio-security protocols to protect the health of your animals and ours.

How to order

To learn more about becoming a PureTek Gene Transfer customer, please contact us at a location below. You’ll be guided through the ordering process by a member of our dedicated sales staff and introduced to our customer service process to help ensure seamless processing of your orders.

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